• Call centers save lives

    2020-04-24 12:55:29
    Call centers save lives - VoIP provider - Bitcall
    We live in an amazing time which will definitely find its place in history books. Everyone has own attitude to the virus differently. You can don`t believe in it. But every day governments thought the world introduce more stringent measures to prevent its spread. One of the measures is quarantine, on which almost the entire population of the Earth is forced to be.
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  • WHOLESALE VoIP provider

    2019-11-29 14:16:21
    WHOLESALE VoIP provider - VoIP provider - Bitcall
    Connecting a Bitcall service is a popular solution among executives and business owners who would like to automate and systematize the operation of their call centers, because VoIP telephony is very reliable, durable and high-quality equipped technology. We are the leading point among wholesale VoIP providers.
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