• BEST call center VoIP rates price

    2019-11-29 14:16:21
    BEST call center VoIP rates price - VoIP provider - Bitcall
    In the world practice of organization of call-centers, a standard is adopted: 80% of calls operators must have time to answer within 20 seconds. If the question of whether your call center meets such standards, you answer negatively, then you are on the right track.
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  • BEST among wholesale VoIP providers - VoIP provider - Bitcall
    VoIP telephony is a fast way to increase sales and improve service quality. Automate the processing of all calls in your own contact center, using modern technology. Leave in the past customer dissatisfaction and missed opportunities due to missed calls. ₿itCall Telecom is your reliable wholesale VoIP termination provider.
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