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Our mission

Our mission is to help sales teams become more successful. To do this, we enable them to track, coach and motivate their salespeople with data. Ultimately, we believe that the sales process should be data-driven, just like online marketing or engineering. 

Our team

We have built a team with extensive experience in sales, communications technology and software development.
Alan Zabihi
Experience in sales, online marketing and product management from several web-based businesses.
Ismail Pelaseyed
Previously a sales manager who built the telephony system he needed to measure sales activity.
Oscar Eidering
Business developer
Extensive track-record in sales, business development and user-experience design.
Mazyar Salh
Software engineer with experience in sales and marketing.
Vadym Yusanenko
Seasoned expert in back-end development in general and telephony systems in particular.

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